This month’s BB challenge includes a couple of L sit hold variations, one hanging from a bar and another with your weight on top of your hands.

I tried the hard mode variation and managed 13 measly seconds.

Believe it or not that is an improvement for me.  When I first tried the move a few years back I could only hold it for two or three seconds.  My long legs and big feet are difficult for me to support when fully extended.

It amazes me to see some of the guys on the forum holding for close to a minute.

I then shot a video for a simple drill I have been using to help my L sit holds.  When I do an L-sit, I don’t feel the most strain in my abs, I feel it in my quadriceps.

The drill involves sitting on the floor with your back towards the wall.  I start with my rear end approximately 8 inches from the wall.  I lift my straight legs off the floor and keep them up until failure.  After about a minute of rest I will move myself closer to the wall and repeat the hold till failure.  On the third and final hold my rear end is only an inch or two from the wall.

You will notice that the hold will get progressively more difficult and your hold times will be shorter as you move towards the wall.  I do this a few times a week.  My hold times doing the drill have been inching up and my hold time for a real L sit has crept up along with it.

The last couple weeks I have been trying to work 100+ pushing reps in with whatever else work I am doing.  I get the push ups or dips in in between regular sets of other movements.  Today I had a total of 135 dips by the time my 40-45 minute work out was done.  My hope is using this condensed “greasing the groove” technique will help my one set numbers as well as my endurance between movements.