530912_10152136383112841_1078202427_n[1]So I completed my third half marathon last weekend, netting a new personal best by roughly 30 seconds.  The second half of the race was pretty grueling for me and I struggled.  Luckily I was fast enough during the first half to make up for it. I was quite happy escape from the race with very little injury.  I hardly had any swelling of my bad right knee.

Now that the race is behind me I hope to refocus on my calisthenics training.  I have not felt very focused in this area for awhile.  Some of it is due to just life getting in the way.  I haven’t had the same level of focus and intensity that I normally carry.

My work outs have been a mixture of the basics (pull ups, push ups, dips) while still incorporating some of the movements from Metins program.  Big movements like the muscle up have been basically ignored for months because of pain in my elbows/forearms from the transition part of the exercise.

The skills that I really would like to nail down this year are back/front lever and solid, controlled hand stands.  Anything else I pull off will be gravy.   All of these skills are going to require me to put much more consistent effort into them than I have been.  I need to get my head clear.