I was born in 1967 so you can do the math to figure out my current age.

I got involved in body weight exercise in 2007 when I started doing the “300 work out” on a regular basis. This workout involved doing a number of compound exercises for large amounts of reps with minimal rest in between. Prior to my 300’s I did mostly conventional gym work outs with machines and weights for the better part of 20 years.

A couple years later I got interested in bar exercises, specifically some of the things I saw the crew of the Bar-barians performing. I found the strength and control these guys exhibited to be something I wanted to work towards.

I have been working at it ever since. Despite being on this planet for more than four decades I have been able to continue to learn new skills, accomplish new goals and keep setting my bar higher.

I have no plans to stop, ever.

You can reach me at duf@dufisthenics.com