So before I talk about the obvious changes you see here let’s review today’s silly gym experience.

So I was back in the corner getting loose when an older guy that was definitely not in typical gym attire walked back.  He was wearing dress shorts, a floral print button down shirt and docksiders with no socks.  I would guess he was somewhere in his 60’s based on his gray, widow peaked hair line.

So he starts walking over to one of the smith machines and starts bringing back 45 pound plates, two at a time.  This struck me as odd as the leg sled already had five or six 45 pounders on either side of it’s built in rack.  Why in the world would this guys be bringing over other plates?  So he loads on the transplanted plates first and does some sets.  When I saw  the sled moving out of the corner of my eye I assumed he was doing calf presses/extensions as the sled was moving a very short distance, not more than 8 inches.  When I looked closer I realized those were his leg press “reps”.  He was barely bending his knees.

So he continued with this foolishness, adding one plate to each side and doing baby reps.  As the weight increased he decided to throw some of the floor mats across the back plate for additional padding.  He went all the way to seven plates on each side but again the distance he moved the sled was next to nothing.  I am pretty sure if I used similar ROM I could approach 900 pounds plus using his technique.

This is not something new, I have seen others pull the same gag.  They somehow think that slapping on tons of weight and moving it even a little bit is some sort of feat of strength, worthy of admiration by others.  To me, it just makes you look like a chump.  That feeling was amplified when I saw that when the old man was done, he didn’t bother to return the plates he took from the Smith machine and he left his auxiliary mats on the back pad for others to deal with.  Dumb asses come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages.

Ok so anyway, obviously things look different around here and the reason is the content is going to be different.  When I started this blog it was in support of my Dufisthenics YouTube channel which at the time was almost exclusively nothing but calisthenics and fitness videos.  Well over the last 5 years the content of my channel has shifted quite a bit but I have never reflected that here, until now.

From here forward this site will not have daily workout regurgitation as obviously that isn’t the most interesting content.  I will still drop some gym/fitness content in here but I also am going to be adding articles that are connected to my YouTube channel content.  So don’t be surprised when 3d printing stories, car repair woes, or EUC content gets published in here as well.

I had stopped posting my daily workouts weeks ago as I came to the realization it was just effort that would be better spent elsewhere.

Everything changes, eventually…..