The other night I tried a 100 push up pyramid breaking the sets down like this:


My goal was to just stand up in between sets and go right back down into the next set.  I was able to more or less do that for the first 50 reps that I completed in 1:30.  The last 50 were a tough grind, I finished rep 100 at the 4:50 mark.

I am signed up for a half marathon this weekend.  In my normal less than perfect timing, this week I have felt pretty blah, mentally and physically.  I am actually wondering if I am getting sick which would really suck.  My training has felt uninspired which leaves me feeling uninspired as well. It’s a big reason you haven’t seen a post in here for 17 days.

For a good portion of my adult life I have gone through these peaks and valleys.  You would think after this long I would have a solid plan on how to get out of the funks when they come.  I really don’t, besides ride it out and hope tomorrow brings a better day.