Last night I did an attempt at a hanging L sit hold.  I only managed to hold it for 22 seconds which is the worst posted attempt time of anyone in the contest this month.  With this hold not only do my long legs get in the way, my shoulders do as well.  For whatever reason, most likely mostly just being an old fart, this position hanging on a bar is REALLY uncomfortable/painful for my shoulders.

I literally can not hang straight up and down and hold my legs out, my shoulders instantly light up in pain.  The only way I can do it is to lean my upper body backwards to take some of the stress off.  So anyway, it all adds up to an unimpressive hold.

I followed up with a few muscle ups, the form felt worse than it looked on video.  I still need more upward pulling velocity to get the movement where I want it to be.

I finished up with a 60 second pull up, something that just popped into my head.  I started with a 20 second dead hang then holding halfway for 20 and finally a 20 second hold with my chin over the bar.  To try to keep the hold times legit I counted off the seconds out loud however as I reached the end of the hold the call outs were sporadic because of exertion.

It was tough, a little tougher than I thought it would be. I’d like to try to get a 90 second variation with 30 seconds at each hold point.

I have seen these static hold pull ups many times but they always seem to start with the top hold.  Starting at the bottom and working upward definitely cranks up the difficulty.