I took a shot at hard mode of the October BB challenge, the one handed dead hang.  It was raining outside so I decided to try it on my Iron Gym indoors.  Well it was a mistake.

Because of my very long arms and legs I had less than an inch of clearance between the floor and my knees as I hung there.  I tried to awkwardly pull my feet up with my non-gripping hand but it didn’t help much.

To make matters worse, the foam grip on the iron gym started to rotate, making my grip slip onto my fingers faster than normal.  I was not pleased with my 40 second time.  I’ll try again outdoors with some chalk shortly.

You may notice the site looks dramatically different.  That is because I moved the content off of WordPress.com onto my own personal web hosting.  The move allows me more flexibility with the site as you can see with the different theme.

I like the new look.  Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below!