I started having a problem with my left wrist maybe 3-4 weeks ago.  It felt like jammed/sprained it although I don’t recall a particular moment when I hurt it.  I sort of have ignored it and continued my normal routine.

Well the recent addition of Metins program to my work out schedule has made things worse since some of the holds really put the wrist at angles that are quite painful (handstands, planche, diamond push ups, etc..)

So yesterday after struggling through the push routine I decided I need to let the wrist heal.  In order to do so I will be avoiding almost all pushing movements (push ups, dips) and anything that requires me to be on my hands vertically.  I am hoping a week or so of babying it will give it time to properly heal.  In the meantime I hope to fill the void with lots of cardio and pull ups, both things that will come in handy for the Tough Mudder.

Did you see my 49 continuous push ups?  If not, here you go.