Last night I tried a continuous push up set to see what I could manage.  Last week I got 50 reps although it wasn’t on video (so it didn’t really happen).  In most of our push up challenges on the BB forums you are allowed to pause during your push up sets at the top as long as you don’t break form (raise hips, knees on the ground).  With the set last night when you stop for any discernible pause you are done.  I was bummed that I used my last drop of energy on rep 49, failing to hit the 50 milestone.  Even so, I think that may have been the most non-stop reps I ever caught on tape.

So I have been working with Metin’s (LittleBeastM) program that I bought.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is designed to progress you towards moves like front/back levers, hand stands, hand stand push ups, and the planche.

It is broken into a pulling and pushing work out with 7 -8 movements in each.  I have found with the time I have at lunch I am better suited to break the workout apart further, doing 3-4 exercises per session.

The workout is tough, tough on areas that don’t normally see all that much focus in my former exercise routines.  The shoulders particularly get blasted very hard.  My forearms/connective tissue in my elbows and shoulders are getting worked like they never have been before.

I have had some issues with form, evidently protraction of my scalpula is not something I excel at.  Yesterday though I held what felt to be very solid front tucked levers. (retracted scalpula) I need to get it on tape to know for sure if what I feel is the same as what I see.

Of course my major concern with doing a program like this at 44 years old is the risk of injury.  I need to push myself into uncomfortable holds but be able to discern discomfort with doing damage.  So far I have been navigating that line pretty well.  I look forward to where the program could take me if I keep working it diligently.