I have been avoiding all pushing exercises for the past week or so, trying to give my left wrist a chance to heal.  So far it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference, the discomfort level seems to be just about the same at this point.

Yesterday I decided to try a pushing exercise with my one good wrist, a one hand push up, as pictured on the left by the great Al Kavadlo.  I have messed with this move only a few times in the past but never was able to pull it off, until yesterday.

I did a couple sets of three reps.  I went all the way down on my right arm as far as possible and was able to push through to the top position.  It felt good to pull off another movement that a couple years ago would have been an epic fail.  Of course I need to get some reps on video, because we all know, if it isn’t on video, it didn’t happen.

Saturday I am planning to head over to the South Beach Bar Starzz event.  The turn out for the event looks like it will be really good and includes some of my FB friends I only know virtually at this point.  It will be cool to meet a bunch of them in person.

Of course skill wise, I will definitely be on the lower tier of people in attendance but I expect it will not really matter all that much.  The bar community is all about doing the best that you can at that moment in time and always working to improve.  It will be cool to be around a group of like minded people that have a can do attitude instead of a do it later, maybe, mantra.