I have been trying to baby my shoulder/deltoid injury for close to 10 days.  This week I have started adding dips and pull ups back into my routine.  I am not pushing any high rep numbers, rather just being content to be able to do the movements.  I can feel a dull reminder of the injury as I get deeper into the sets but it is manageable.  So my plan is to keep my numbers low and keep it up until the pain goes away completely, then I can ramp back up.

I read that Lee is shutting down his bar work for a couple months because of tendinitis in his forearms.  I know he has had long term off and on problems with it.  Despite the problems Lee has continued to do some incredible stuff.

I had similar chronic tendinitis for at least two years if not longer.  I tried extended rest, creams, ultrasound and anything else I could find to try to address it.  The eventual solution however was very simple, stretching.

Every day at the gym while I do my 5 minute warm up on a cardio machine I started stretching my forearms. I actually explain in detail what I do in this video from awhile ago.  Please ignore the bizarre video filter I applied, not sure what I was thinking at the time.

I am hoping Lee heals up soon.

Yesterday on the BB forums Jarek, a regular participant in the forums posted an incredible wall handstand hold, staying inverted for over FOUR MINUTES.

When I made my attempt, my shoulders were ready to melt at the 90 second mark, I was amazed at Jarek’s effort.   Jarek has consistently been at the top of the scoreboard in many different challenges, but this effort might be the most impressive of all.  He also held a free standing hand stand for right around two minutes, another great feat.