So last night I thought I would take another shot at one handed wall handstands for the BB hard mode challenge.  I struggled maintaining the hold, coming nowhere close to the 25 second hold I managed earlier.  I also tried holding on my left arm for the first time.  That went nowhere, it felt like my left side simply didn’t have the strength to support my body weight.

I then had the brilliant idea to go try some free standing handstands, the Bar-baric mode of this month’s challenge.  As you will see in the video, I tried again and again and just got nowhere.  I think my longest hold was maybe 4 seconds.

I really struggle with handstands but that is because I don’t work at them nearly enough.  It is a tough skill that requires patience and lots of practice.  I need to take a muscle up type of attitude towards them if I want to master the skill.

Finally I did a few planche holds, none of which were very impressive.  The main thing I took out of the session was I need to practice more, a lot more.  It seems that I always wind up bending at the elbow during my handstands without even thinking about it.  I need to figure out a way to keep both my arms and body locked in.

The best news out of the session was I didn’t feel any serious discomfort from my tweaked left shoulder.

Today I plan to take another shot at Ray’s program that I failed at a few weeks back.  I am going to dial back the rep numbers by 2 to see if I can get through all five rounds successfully.