So last night I decided to give hard mode of this month’s BB challenge a try which is a one hand handstand against a wall.  I have tried this hold multiple times in the past and had zero success.  It felt like I just could not support my entire 175 pounds of bodyweight on one arm. I also had issues with the balance part of the movement even if I tried wedging one of my feet into the corner.

Last night I tried a different approach.  In the past when I attempted a one hander I would just quickly pull my off hand off the floor and come crashing down.  This time I took more gradual approach.

I first got up into my normal wall handstand position.  I then slowly started shifting my center of balance on top of my right arm, keeping my left hand on the floor progressively less.  In conjunction I spread my legs wide on the wall to provide counterbalance.

Eventually it felt like I hit a balance point and I pulled my left hand off the floor.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty solid.  My right arm was working hard to support my weight but I held myself up there for close to 30 seconds.

It felt great as I came down, knowing I just pulled off another calisthenics first.