Last night was a two for one video night.

Despite saying I want to rest my left shoulder, I did a wall handstand hold for time, the normal mode BB challenge this month.  For some reason, pushing directly overhead doesn’t seem to bother the injury much at all.  Despite not doing many handstand wall holds in the last couple months I stayed inverted for 85 seconds,a full 10 seconds better than my prior best.  I was happy with the effort.

Of course there was someone on the forums that posted an incredible hold of 2:40 so it made my effort seem much more mundane.

I often get asked about my diet since many people assume that to stay in decent shape at 44 years of age requires a draconian approach to eating.  Well that isn’t my case.  Now granted, I definitely pay a lot more attention to what I am eating than most people do but I also allow myself dietary pot holes.

The video gives a quick outline of what I eat, both the good and the bad.  Hopefully some people will find it interesting.  Moderation is the key.