I have been trying to really lay low this week with my exercise, trying to avoid anything that potentially could aggravate whatever I did to the deltoid area of my left shoulder.  Unfortunately that eliminates a large chunk of the body weight exercises that are a staple of my routine.  I hate not being able to do what I normally do, it makes me feel like shit.

So I was considering giving myself a one month summer vacation from running the Bar-barian Forum challenges.  Participation in July’s challenge had been light and I thought a month off might build the demand back up.

Well the last week of the month saw a bunch of entries fly in so I reconsidered and quickly thought up of an August challenge. I wanted to do something where I could give out the Bar-barian bracelets I was sent as prizes.

I decided, based on the other contest we did in the past that involved prizes that this challenge had to not have a lot of form variables since that can be subjective.  It was a pain in the ass having to dissect form when prizes were on the line.  So with this challenge form has a very minimal role, instead endurance and balance will take center stage.

All three modes are handstand variations for maximum time.  Normal mode is a handstand held against the wall, hard is a one handed handstand against a wall and Bar-baric is a free standing hand stand.  This is the first hand balancing challenge we have had in quite awhile.

I know first hand trying to stand on your hands against a wall  for anything past 60 seconds can get very difficult, very quickly.  I have never successfully done a one handed wall handstand and my best free standing handstand was probably 5 or 6 seconds max.

It should be an interesting month as I know we have some real strong hand balancers in the forum.