So I knew I felt sore going into today’s scheduled arm day.  My lower body was hurting from my doing more lower body leg work than I had been yesterday.  My upper body had some pretty severe second day soreness kicking in from Monday’s chest work.  Just getting through the stretching portion of my workout was uncomfortable.  Well arm day ended abruptly.  It felt like every piece of connective tissue in my upper body was hurting as well as every joint they connect.  Wrists, elbows, shoulders, you name it, it felt like shit.  In the middle of my second set of dumbbell bicep curls I just dropped the weights after rep three and re-racked them.  This sucked.  My initial urge was to just walk out of the gym but I at least hopped on a machine and did 15 more minutes of cardio to make the trip not a total waste.

Today’s Workout 

Fck it