I crammed legs, biceps and triceps together into an awkward workout today.  I guess putting in the reps is all that matters.  I confirmed that my strength deficiency is not just limited to chest pressing movements.  Squats felt pretty lousy too.

talking-on-phone-at-the-gym1I just don’t understand how most people think.  There were two younger guys on the squat rack before I got there.  One of them I had seen earlier in the week doing bench press.  He is a strong dude but for some reason feels the need to drop/slam the barbell back onto the bench hooks after each set, even when you have stupid light weight (saw him do it with 135 pounds as well) I am amazed how oblivious people are that preform this sort of behavior.

First of all, you are potentially causing unnecessary damage to both the bench and the bar.  Most of the bars in the place are already bent to varying degrees and it’s behavior like this that facilitates it.  Second, if you make a loud, sudden clanging noise right in the middle of somebody else trying to grind through a heavy rep there is a chance that momentary distraction could be just enough to turn that rep into a fail, which depending on what sort of movement that is, could be dangerous.

Well today this guy and his short friend were finishing up squatting.  Evidently bench clanger has some sort of mental condition that compels him to slam weights whenever possible.  This time he was slamming plates back onto the weight tree attached to the squat rack.  He slammed them on so hard it knocked a couple off the other side, causing a 10 pound plate to clip the side of his buddy’s foot.  The buddy laughed and called him an asshole.  They both walked away leaving the 10 pound plate and a 25 pounder that fell off as well laying on the floor, just waiting for another knucklehead looking at his phone while walking around to trip over.

When these situations arise I always have inner conflict regarding if I want to call out the stupid/dangerous behavior but normally the sensible side of me determines it to be not worth the hassle. There would be a guaranteed heated exchange that would follow as I have no real ability to discuss asshole behavior with an asshole while remaining calm.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

Barbell squats – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x5, 185lbs x 5

Standing cable machine curl – 80lbs x 12

Standing cable machine tricep push down – 80lbs x 12

Seated leg extension – 115lbs x 10

Standing cable machine curl – 100lbs x 10

Standing cable machine tricep push down – 100lbs x 10

Seated leg extension – 130lbs x 10

One arm side preacher dumbbell curl – 25lbs x 10

One arm overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 25lbs x 10

Prone hamstring curl – 90lbs x 10

One arm side preacher dumbbell curl – 30lbs x 10

One arm overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 30lbs x 7

Prone hamstring curl – 110lbs x 8