see-saw11Yesterday I had another pretty lousy chest pushing session with my strength being off significantly from what I had become accustomed to.  However today my run/ride brick improved once again.  Strength training and endurance training have always had a see-saw effect for me.  When one improves the other fades.

Since I have been doing two hard cardio sessions a week, a weekend run and my brick during the week, I have lost four or five pounds.  Although I would expect that weight loss to be more fat than muscle, my enhanced endurance numbers seem to be the inverse of my strength numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, in the big picture I would rather be lean and light than strong and heavy, I just feel better with less weight on my frame.  I would just like to be able to walk around that way without losing the ability to bench 225 pounds or more.

Today’s Workout

Run/Ride Brick

20 minute run – 2.17 miles

10 minute stationary bike ride – 3.15 miles