hqdefault[1]100 pounds is a significant number for me in several different exercises. 100 pound dumbbell rows and dumbbell chest press are two milestones I recently reached again after a lengthy hiatus.  Today another 100 pound exercise was added to the list when I squeezed out one 100 pound weighted dip, something that I don’t think I managed for at least the past 2 years. It was a clean all the way down and all the way up rep.

I actually planned ahead to do weighted dips so I brought my weight belt which allows me to strap weight plates around my waist instead of the awkward suspension of a dumbbell between the knees as I had been doing.  Not only does the belt prevent brush burns on my inner thighs it also allows me to climb into the starting position with heavy weight instead of having to awkwardly jump into it.

My tricep work consisted of nothing but dips, mostly the weighted variety.  Sometimes it is good to hammer the shit out of a muscle group with low rep high overload movements. (just ask IronLoo) I did the most sets with 90lbs hanging off my waist, 2 reps at a time.

For some reason the gym found it unnecessary to have the ac running today.  The 75 degree air temperature felt very uncomfortable due to the near 100% humidity in the air.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated alternating dumbbell curls – 25lbs x 10

Bodyweight dips x 20

Seated alternating dumbbell curls – 40lbs x 8

Bodyweight dips + 45lbs x 8

Seated alternating dumbbell curls – 50lbs x 5

Bodyweight dips + 70lbs x 5

Concentration dumbbell curls – 35lbs x 10

Bodyweight dips + 90lbs x 2

Concentration dumbbell curls – 45lbs x 8

Bodyweight dips + 100lbs x 1

Concentration dumbbell curls – 55lbs x 3

Bodyweight dips + 90lbs x 2

Standing cable hammer curls – 40lbs x 10 (each arm)

Bodyweight dips + 90lbs x 2

Bodyweight dips x 20