How-To-Do-Machine-Hack-Squat[1]Awhile ago I relayed a story about one of the trainers at the gym, an older guy giving me unsolicited advice regarding bench press.  His suggestion was I never touch the chest with the weight. His recommendation was to stop a good half foot before the bar would reach your chest.  I thanked him for his suggestion and then immediately disregarded it, benching as I always do, with full ROM.  He has not offered me any more advice since, thankfully.

Well today he was spraying his unsolicited advice all over the gym.  I saw him offer tips to no less than three gym goers, all of which did not ask for them.  Now I understand he thinks he is being helpful by spreading his years of fitness wisdom to those that don’t ask for it.  I guess I am surprised that in all that time he never learned that when it comes to exercise tips, it’s best to offer advice only when asked for it.

Today I did heavy leg press and then slid into the hack squat, a piece of equipment I have not utilized in years ( a common theme recently)  I found that prefatiguing with the heavy squat press made hack squatting very challenging.  On my last set with two big plates on either side I sunk to the floor on rep 4 when my quads refused to press back up the weight from a particularly deep rep.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Cybex squat press – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 10, 405lbs x 10, 495lbs x 8, 585lbs x 3, 635lbs x 2

Hack squat – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x 8, 225lbs x 4

Seated leg extension – 115lbs x 10, 145lbs x 10

Seated leg curl – 115lbs x 10, 145lbs x 8

Standing one leg calf raise – 15 reps (both legs)