deadlift-faint[1]I watched a video on YouTube recently about squatting, more specifically how you SHOULD do it.  The video simplified squat form down to a couple simple things.  The starting position for the bar should be mid-foot when viewed from the side.  Second, the bar should travel in a vertical straight line along that point for the entire range of the squat.

I have always had issues with squatting and blame it mostly on my awkward, stork like proportions.  Not only do I have very long legs, I have bowed knees and tight hips to boot.  With lighter weight I am able to maintain what feels/looks like solid form.  However as soon as I get heavier with the weight I start suffering from forward lean at the bottom of the rep which is not only incorrect form but potentially dangerous for your back.

Today with my squats I really tried to focus on balanced, straight up and down reps.  However once I got to 225lbs I once again bailed after my second rep which had all sorts of front lean in it, causing me to strain to get to top position.  Despite my frustration I will keep trying to apply proper form to my unconventional dimensions.

I had a scary moment doing deadlifts.  After pulling 335lbs off the deck cleanly and smoothly I slapped another 10 pound plate on each side with thought of adding a third 10 pounder next.  For whatever reason the extra 20 pounds felt like a ton.  I struggled mightily during the middle portion of the lift with the bar almost coming to a dead stop.  My peripheral vision started to fade as I strained mightily to attain lock out position.  I was disappointed in that effort and puzzled why 20 pounds felt like that much of a difference.  I have pulled 365 several times in the last few months and felt less on the verge of passing out.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Barbell squat – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x  8, 225lbs x 2

Barbell deadlift – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 3, 335lbs x 1, 355lbs x 1, 315lbs x 3

Seated leg extension – 115lbs x 10, 145lbs x 8

Seated leg curl – 115lbs x 10, 145lbs x 5

Standing calf raise – 250lbs x 12