shrugs-barbell[1]Today’s gym session covered a variety of upper body areas but definitely hit the shoulders the most with presses, raises, and shrugs all mixed in.  I also got a total of 50 bodyweight pull ups mixed in with varying grips.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

Cybex overhead shoulder press – 80lbs x 10, 120lbs x 10, 140lbs x 7

Concentration curls – 30lbs x 10, 40lbs x 8, 50lbs x 4

Standing straight arm alternation side/front dumbbell raises – 15lbs x 15, 20lbs x 12, 25lbs x 8

Neutral grip pull ups x 10

Standing tricep cable machine push downs – 70lbs x 10, 85lbs x 8, 100lbs x 4

Chin ups x 10

One arm standing cable machine shoulder shrugs – 100lbs x 10, 150lbs x 8, 190lbs x 6

Pull ups x 10