19121-1_l[1]I had some left over issues from Sunday’s reverse duathlon brick followed by yesterdays dull and painful lower body training.  I figured it made sense to not roll the dice and try to run again today.  Instead I jumped on the rower and had one of my best 20 minute pulls in quite awhile, just short of 4600 meters.

I also got to witness another clueless gym patron.  This guy decided to steal one of the bench press olympic bars to do t-bar rows which by itself is annoying since Planet Fitness refuses to provide any stand alone bars for this sort of work.  However what is really stupid is where he decided to do them, right in the middle of the gym floor where people have to walk to get from the free weight area to the machines.  A t-bar row when performed in this manner normally has the non weighted end in a corner to prevent it from moving backwards as you lift it up and down.  Nope this genius had nothing backing the bar and managed to cause anyone walking front to back or vice versa to make a detour around his masterpiece.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Row-Ride Brick

20 minutes Concept 2 rower – 4591 meters covered

10 minutes stationary bike – 2.65 miles covered