sore-muscles-2um21g4363sfx4l8acz096[1]I had plans to do some of my high stress core movements such as dragon flags at the gym today however those plans were discarded for two reasons.  First my upper torso, particularly my shoulders are EXTREMELY sore today.  Second, I am doing the swim leg for our triathlon team on Sunday.  The last thing I need is to go into the event with torn up abs from dragon flags, which I haven’t done in several weeks.  I figured I would be best served taking a more low key approach today.

When I stepped on the scale last night I saw almost 186 pounds.  Too much beer in the last week I guess.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

10 high pull ups

4 sets of hanging knee raises with wide, narrow, supinated, neutral grip

4 sets of 25 push ups

Lots of jaw work