ssrsamsWhat does my SSR have to do with today’s workout you may ask?  Absolutely nothing, I just like the picture.

I split my workout between bi’s, tri’s and shoulders using a combo of body weight, dumbbell and cable machine movements to accomplish it.  Nothing flashy but effective.



Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

Following supersetted in some manner

60 second wall handstand hold x 3

Decline seated alternating dumbbell curl – 25 lbs x 10, 35lbs x 8, 45lbs x 4

Side tricep presses – 10 reps both sides x 3 sets

Standing 1 arm cable machine shrugs – 100lbs x 10, 120lbs x 10

Static chin up hold – 45 seconds elbow at 90 degree angle, 60 second hold top of movement

Standing 1 arm cable machine overhead tricep extension – 40lbs x 8 x 2 sets (both arms)