2k12muToday was primarily shoulder day.  I added in a weird stagger hold wall handstand thing.  I piled six 25 pound plates into two piles of three, about a foot apart.  I then assumed a wall hand stand with my hands on the floor between the plates and held it for 15 seconds.  I then moved my left hand to the left stack and held 15, back to middle and held 15, right hand to right stack and held 15 and then back to the floor with both hands for a final 15.  It was just something I came up with and felt like a different way to hit my shoulders.

I also mixed in some single muscle ups.  At the end of the workout I actually strung two ugly ones together, the first time I have done that at the gym in a long time.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

12 high pull ups

60 second wall hand stand

Half lever negatives

Dip bar bodyweight shoulder dips x 20

Wall hand stand stagger holds, 15 seconds per position

Wall hand stand slow negatives x 3

5 total muscle ups (no misses)

5 minutes A2G hold