Today at the Gym – The closet exhibitionist.  I could do many, many entries about both men and women that wear inappropriate attire to the gym however today I’ll just focus on one.  This offender is typically male and on the plus side of 40.  They wear baggy shorts that are mid-thigh or higher and then proceed to do exercises, typically ab related ones, that have them laying in positions that offer any passerby a clear view up their crotch.  This offense is amplified several times over if the person is also wearing boxer shorts and even more if he is doing it on a bench facing a mirror.

Now of course I avert my eyes whenever I see this type of individual doing his thing.  I often wonder if these guys are doing this on purpose to give potential mates a thrill or if they just give little to no thought of the geometry of exercising in a public gym.

Weighted-Dip[1]Today I had a rather odd rotation of exercises, weighted dips, A2G squat hold and dragon flags.  I went as high as 90lbs with my weighted dips.  However I was not very happy only being able to squeeze out 1 rep two times since my buddy Ray just blasted out 20 of them at the same weight a few days ago.  Made me feel like a 98 pound weakling.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

10 high pull ups

20 dips

Weighted dips 45lbs x 10, 70lbs x 4, 90lbs x 1, 90lbs x 1

supersetted with

Dragon flags – 5x5x5

6 minutes of A2G hold