Today at the Gym – Mr Momentum.  There was a younger guy in there that used tremendous momentum in every exercise he did, shrugs, bent over rows, you name it, he threw it.  You could tell he really thought he was kicking some major ass.

Using momentum to perform exercises is a trap many people fall into, including myself at times.  When you use a rolling start or a violent bounce for a movement it allows you move more weight than you could doing the same exercise in a controlled manner.  Moving more weight via momentum might prop up your ego but it retards functional strength gains as well as leaving you more susceptible to injury.

So today as I was finishing up my “deep as I can go” squats, which kill me by the way, some guy I never saw before started setting up for deadlifts at another spot on the gym floor.   I told him I was going to be deadlifting as well and he was welcome to join me.  He thanked me but said since he already had some weights set up he would just lift there.  Ok cool, no problem.

This guy had a compact build and was a much better deadlifter than I am so it was just as well he did his own thing.  I think he topped out pulling 455 with straps and a support belt.  He looked very solid with his form throughout.

Of course having someone else there pulling weight off the floor made me feel like I needed to get some decent one reppers up there.  I topped out pulling 375 pounds with a mixed grip with form that felt pretty lousy.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

10 deep prisoner squats

10 bar only deep squats

Barbell squats (deep as I can go) – 135 pounds x 10, 185lbs x 5, 205 lbs x 2

Deadlift – 225lbs x 10, 275lbs x 5, 315lbs x 5, 355lbs x 1, 375lbs x 1

30 push ups

6 minutes of A2G hold time