Man-Dumbbell-Shrug[1]I haven’t done conventional dumbbell shoulder shrugs in eons, instead I primarily do bodyweight exercises to accomplish the same thing.  Just for the hell of it I grabbed some weights  to see how it felt.  I was surprised that even the 6 reps I topped out with at 100 pounds per hand didn’t feel horrible.

My first A2G hold today was even more painful than yesterday, my hips just did not want to release.   Like yesterday, subsequent holds got more bearable.

I did another new movement wall handstand deficit negatives.  I set up two Reebok steps with a space in between big enough for my head.  I then lowered myself down as slowly as possible until my head hit the floor.  Each set I added one riser to make the descent deeper.  Felt tough, now if I could only push back up from the deficit.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

21 pull ups

Deficit wall handstand negatives – 3 reps just step, 3 reps step + 1 riser, 3 reps steps + 2 risers

Dumbbell shrugs – 80lbs x 10, 90lbs x 8 100lbs x 6

6 minutes of A2G squat hold