Bench-dips-1[1]Today I decided to start my session doing something I used to awhile back when I thought I had a chance of ever doing the BBR’s, max (more or less) dips, pull ups, and push ups. (also known as GUTS)  I did the exercises in that order with 60 seconds between each movement (counted in my head)

It’s an interesting and frustrating phenomena to me how doing a set of dips before pull ups, despite the movements using very different muscle groups, will dramatically cut down my numbers.

For instance today after doing 30 dips I barely squeezed out 15 pull ups 60 seconds later where as if I do pull ups first I can get into the low 20’s.  My push ups followed a similar trend, capping at 30 reps where if I did a stand alone push up set I would get close to 50.

Still my 30,15,30 warm up were nice round numbers.  I’d like to include this in more of my daily workouts and slowly push those rep numbers higher.

My A2G holds today were definitely suffering due to hip tightness.  My depth didn’t feel great although it got slightly better with subsequent holds.

Today’s Workout 

5 minutes cardio/stretching

30 dips, 15 pull ups, 30 push ups (60 second break between movements)

Seated dumbbell curl 25lbs x 12, 40lbs x 10, 50lbs x 5

supersetted with

Standing one arm overhead tricep extension 15lbs x 12, 25lbs x 10, 30lbs x 6

Seated behind the head curls (lat pull down machine) 30lbs x 12, 40lbs x 12

supersetted with

Bench dips 30 reps x 2 sets

5 minutes total A2G hold time