hammer_curl[1]Today I left the tri out of bi/tri day, they were feeling pretty beat up from the routine I did yesterday.  Instead between each bicep set I dropped and did 20 full ROM push ups.

I did some one handed side Fat Gripz hammer curls, something that I must have invented because I couldn’t find a picture of anyone doing them.  I do them like this.

Stand with feet relatively close together and grab a dumbbell (with a Fat Grip on it preferably)  Tuck your non-working arm behind your back.  Your working arm should curl the weight in a hammer curl fashion but not in front of you, to your side instead.

Doing them in this manner creates an imbalance that you have to work against with your core.  I started with 25 pounds and topped out with 6 reps at 40lbs.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated Fat Gripz dumbbell curls 25lbs x 12. 40lbs x 10, 50lbs x 3

Standing one arm Fat Gripz side hammer curls 25lbs x 10, 35lbs x 8, 40lbs x 6

Supersetted with sets of 20 push ups (30 reps last set) – total of 130 reps