arm-ageddonThis weekend my buddy Randall was over.  We did a challenging 30 mile bike ride on Sunday followed by some slackline training.

Today I saw someone post one of those MarBarz style routines on FB which I decided to give a go.  It looked hard but hey I consider myself to be in above average shape for someone my age, I should be able to hang. Well I was wrong.

Let me outline the movements and reps.

First up were super wide, super slow pull ups.  They advised rep time was 9 seconds per rep and a total of 9 reps per set.  Well that is ridiculous, 5 reps of these were all my grip and back could hack and I’m not sure if I was taking the full 9 seconds per.

30 dips, yea I can do a one rep max of dips in the low 30’s but to do 5 sets at this number wasn’t happening so I trimmed those reps back to 20.

Explosive horizontal rows with a 5 second negative.  Pulling up hard and then descending slow is aggravating, and hard.  This is one of the two movements I was actually able to do for the full amount of reps.

Close grip bar dips, ouch.  I have done a number of regular width bar dips as part of muscle up training however I don’t think I have ever done the movement with a close grip.  My body weight and monkey arms made the movement feel crazy hard.  I could only do 5 reps per set and I barely got those.

Close grip horizontal rows with a 3 second hold at the top.  Again these got progressively more miserable but I was able to do the prescribed amount of reps at least.

Sidelaying tricep raises.  This is a movement I never tried before.  In fact I never saw anyone do them either.  I am pretty sure I was doing a gimped version of them.  My pivot point was my hip.  The image I saw makes it look like the guy is pivoting off the side of his knee which I could not get even close to doing.  I awkwardly did 8 reps on each side.  Even my version felt very difficult, especially when teamed with the other movements.

So not only did I fall far short of the recommended amount of reps per set, I only had time to get through three rotations, adding to the pile of fail.

The workout was a good eye opener and something unlike anything I tried before , that’s what I should be doing more of.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

3 rounds of the following:

5 reps of wide grip, 9 second pull ups

20 dips

8 explosive horizontal rows with 5 second negatives

5 close grip bar dips

8 close grip horizontal rows with 3 second hold at top

8 side laying tricep raises (each side)