Last night I did some practice runs for two of the three modes of this month’s BB challenge.

Normal mode are dips but they have to be on a flat surface instead of grabbing bars.  This difference in hand position makes the movement a little different.  One difference is it requires you to keep a more correct vertical position when dipping since you cant grip bars while being pitched forward.

A lot of the guys so far have been doing their attempts in the corner of kitchen counters.  I had a different idea, thinking putting some left over pieces of 2 x 6 lumber across my parallel bars would work better.  I made sure the lumber was long enough to give me plenty of extra length to extend beyond the bars, just in case they moved.

I did a quick 15 reps just to gauge how it felt.  The boards felt stable and comfortable to push on.  I’ll do a real attempt soon.

I then moved on to trying out some Russian dips, a movement I have only toyed with in the past.  There evidently are two ways to do the movement, one has you dropping onto your forearms at the bottom of the movement and then flipping back to dip position, the other has you dropping even further, all the way on to your inner biceps and back up. (shoulder buster).  For the challenge we are using the forearm variation.

I did three reps that didn’t feel very smooth but surprisingly looked half decent when viewed back on video.  It will be interesting how many reps I will be able to pull off.  My long arms make the drop to my forearms a high impact event.

The video at the end includes some footage of my continued muscle up struggles.