528345_10152215390087841_918719391_n[1]A couple weeks ago I stumbled across the good fortune of someone giving away two very large tires.  One of them is around 200 pounds and the other is a shade under 300 pounds.  I nicknamed the one tire “Leonidas” and the other one “Mendoza”. (you figure it out)

Anyway, on Sunday I did my first tire flipping session, covering about 250 feet with the bigger tire.  Flipping a tire requires you to get your hands very low, lower than they would be for a conventional dead lift.  Once you get the tire up a couple feet you sort of catch it and use different muscles to push it upright and back over.

The first few reps were tough but manageable.  However it only took a few more flips till I appreciated how tough the movement gets.  By the end of my out and back flipping session I was sucking major wind.  I did find that if you walk up to the tire, reach down and immediately start coming up it is more efficient than crouching down in the bottom position for a few moments before lifting.

My goal is to eventually flip the tire from the bar park to the rear fence and back. From there, the goal it is to do it faster.  I also had stupid ideas of dragging the tires to the fence and back.  That could be a major ass breaking exercise.

My gym work outs lately have included supersetting the basics into most days.  I will try to work sets of push ups, dips or pull ups into whatever else I am doing.  Today I only had 30 minutes at the gym but in that time I included a century work out and a total of 150 push ups wedged in between other work.

I try to make the basic reps fast and explosive yet full ROM as they need to be for the BBR’s.  Do I think I have an outside shot at doing the BBR’s? I doubt it but I sure would like to be able to at least complete the original reqs before the year is out.