A couple weeks ago I tried an all pull up lunch break.  I basically got loose and did as many pull ups as I could before I had to head back to work.

I had set a goal of 200 pull ups but fell short, netting 180 in around 33 minutes.  I was burned out and out of time.

Well this time around I used a slightly different strategy.  Instead of doing all sets of 5 for the first 100 pull ups, I did a quick initial set of 15 reps before settling into the 5 rep sets.  After 100 reps I dropped back to 4 rep sets.

This attempt is both physically and mentally taxing.  As you get deeper you just want to stop.  I had to fight that urge and make sure I was keeping my breaks in between sets relatively short.  Here are my approx time/rep break outs.

50 reps – 5:18

100 reps – 14:00

150 reps – 24:58

200 reps – 35:45

I can already feel a deep soreness in my back from all of those reps.  On the positive side I don’t feel the numbness in my fingers I did the first time.  Of course I wear my lifting gloves for these high rep sessions.  My hands would be two big open blisters if I didn’t.

The one bodybuilder guy I talk to at the gym, whom is huge and strong as an ox was taken back when I told him I just finished my 180th pull up of the work out.  He gave me a fist bump of respect.

Another PR, 2 months shy of birthday number 45.