Last night after work I headed outside to do some work on the bars.  The first thing I did was throw my rubber resistance band around the high bar and use it to warm up.  When I bought Metins program it included a video that outlines a basic warm up routine using these bands.

In the past my warm up was 5 minutes on a cardio machine and some static stretching.  I have found that using the bands is a much more effective way of warming up my joints for bar work.  The variable resistance the bands provide works the various small muscle groups and connective tissue in a way that just stretching can not.

Trying to go into bar work without an adequate warm up is a sure fire recipe for injury, especially at my age.

Next up I took a shot at the Triple Hanger, the version of this month’s BB challenge that incorporates the other three. You do a static pull up hold, then a one arm dead hang and finally a one arm static chin up hold for as long as possible with very limited time in between.  It is a grip killer for sure.

I was surprised how early I started getting the shakes during the pull up hold, I bet they started 15-20 seconds in.  I managed to stay up there for 1:07, not a great time.  I hung on the bar with the one arm dead hang for 53 seconds, 13 seconds longer than I held indoors on the Iron Gym.

I found as I was doing the dead hang my body wanted to twist back and forth.  The twisting, depending on the angle, made the hold more painful.  It is definitely best if you can keep your body still.

I had a similar issue with the one hand chin hold.  My body wanted to rotate a bit.  The rotation changed my angle enough where I couldn’t keep my arm locked in, as a result I only held it for 8 seconds.  The total hold of 2:08 wasn’t great but since I am the only one whom has tried it so far I am sitting all alone in first place.

Finally I shot some examples of the tucked lever holds that I am doing as part of Metin’s program.  I wanted to get some feedback on my form since that is always an issue with me.

As I watched back the video I could see some obvious problems.  I have a real hard time judging my body position when I am in lever position.  I either need video, a bystander or mirror to give me the feedback I need.  Although my holds are not great, I am able to keep my arms straight and I feel I have the shoulder and core strength to hold a tucked, semi-tucked lever pretty well.