So today I tried bumping up the reps on my RW ladder by 1 across the board meaning the goal was to complete 5 rounds of 19 dips, 9 pull ups and 24 push ups.  The Cliff Notes version is I was not successful, technically.

In round 5 my tri’s gave out after 17 reps but I continued on and did my 9 pull ups and 24 push ups.  I noticed after my last, very difficult push up, I still had 11 seconds left in the round.  I immediately jumped back on the dip bars and squeezed out two dips just as time expired.

So although I was not able to follow the “all sets must be unbroken” rule I did at least get all of the reps in within the time regulation.

To be honest I was surprised I made it to the last round.  My triceps were sore before the first dip from my tri work the day before.  So even though it was a fail, I’ll stick a little asterisk behind this one.