Before bar work and calisthenics type exercise became my passion several years ago, volleyball was the exercise activity that was the focus of my fitness life.  I used to live, eat and sleep volleyball.  I played all the time, sometimes as much as 3-4 times a week.

Well this weekend I took a step back in the time machine and played a mini-tournament with friends of mine on the east coast of the state.

Despite being in overall good shape from my body weight exercise and triathlon style training, I was beat after 10 games on the court.  Running, diving and jumping in deep, hot sand for hours is pretty damn exhausting.

I stepped on the scale on Sunday night and was a bit shocked when the number 179.6 popped up, especially considering all of the activity from the weekend. (biked on Sunday as well).  Well I like to keep my body weight between 170-175 so that number was all I needed to kick the diet discipline back in order.  I had been a bit sloppy.

This is exactly why I recommend to people to weigh themselves everyday.  Some “experts” will tell you this is a bad practice but in my world it serves a very important purpose.  When you weigh yourself regularly, 10 pounds don’t sneak up on you like a Russian sub in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  You get plenty of warning to correct whatever the issue is before it gets out of hand.

Here are the videos I have edited so far of this weekend’s volleyball action.