My bodyweight exercise this weekend was exclusively the cardio variety and it was particularly miserable. Yea I know the northeast is enduring a hot streak right now but it is basically like that for 6 months here in southwest Florida.  This weekend felt even more humid than normal.

I started off with an 11 mile run early Saturday morning.  Despite the early time of day I still was immersed in mountains of humidity.  I am not sure if I ever have sweated as much as I did during that run.  It was like somebody had a small faucet turned on over my head the entire time.

I had not run that distance in quite a long time so that added to the challenge.

On Sunday I piled on with a fast 12.25 mile ride followed by swimming 1200 meters in the pool.

I know a lot of people in the calisthenics community almost exclusively do calisthenics.  I find I enjoy a more balanced approach where adding in endurance, weight training and sporting activities to my fitness regimen gives me solid bang for the buck at this advanced age.

I did a test run at normal mode of this month’s BB challenge, named “Pick Your Poison”.  Normal mode consists of simply doing as many push ups as you can in a 5 minute period.   The challenge is based on the 5MD’s the Bar-barians utilize in their training.

I did either 100 or 110 push ups, I lost track somewhere along the line.  I started with a set of 40 and then just popped out sets of 10.  As always is the case with me, my recovery stamina was an issue.  The Bar-baric standard for  5MD push ups is 150 reps.  I’d like to scratch my way to at least 125 before the month is over.

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