So I followed my edict about not shooting as many exercise videos by shooting an exercise video. 🙂  It actually was intended to serve somewhat of a purpose.  Ray had mentioned something about how he has issues with a bar false grip muscle up.  I told him I would shoot a video that went into a little more depth regarding how I do it.

My form in there is far from stellar but I think I at least explain the basics of how I get it done.  There are a couple funny moments in there at the 2:30 mark and again at 4:45. I followed up the video by doing some conventional muscle ups off camera.

I have set a mental goal to get a set of 10 muscle ups.  They won’t be very pretty for sure towards the end.  I need to try to catch up to Luis!

Today I am going to try something different at the gym based on a suggestion of Lou.  I am going to be doing just below max 1RM dips, 1 at a time for a total of 20 sets.  A couple weeks ago I squeezed out a 100 pound dip so I am planning on giving this go with 90 pounds hanging on my waist.  I am giving myself roughly a minute between sets and during that minute I want to drop down and knock out 10-15 push ups which would add up to 200-300 push ups if I manage to complete 20 rounds.

I have no idea how this will go but it will be fun to try.