A couple times this week I have done unbroken sets of 50 push ups at the gym.  It was the first time in awhile I tried to stretch a pure push up set.  For several months all of my push ups have been sandwiched into either GUTS or 50/100 sets. It felt good to pull out a high rep push up set.

My ripped up hand from my flying pull ups is healing up pretty well.  I ripped off the big chunk of dead calloused skin that was flopping around.  I think I will resume pull ups today, the non-flying variety.

I have been annoyed that my gym does not have a simple dip belt in their collection of exercise equipment.  When I do weighted dips and pull ups there I do it via awkwardly holding a dumbbell between my legs.  It is a pain in the ass.  I think I am just going to buy my own and take it with me.

I have been wanting to take a shot at a half BBR challenge for a couple weeks.  Basically the goal would be to do 3 muscle ups, 23 dips, 13 pull ups, 28 push ups and 3 more muscle ups in three minutes.  I have no idea how close I can get to pulling it off.  I guess we will see.