I made an attempt at hard mode for this month’s challenge which are flying pull ups, the variety where you release the bar and change your hand position each rep.  Before the attempt I made the mistake of chalking my hands, thinking that just like with regular pull ups, a more secure grip would mean more reps.

Well that was a mistake.

Indeed my chalky hands did stick to the bar well, a little too well. I dropped off the bar with a huge ripped up spot on my right hand .  My pull ups will be curtailed for several days until the skin can repair itself a bit.


Since my wife and I separated about a month ago I have found that my fitness routine has been lacking, despite several personal bests that were knocked out during that 30 day period.

My intensity/desire to workout has definitely been a few notches down.  I haven’t biked or swam in ages either.  My diet has also been less strict than normal.  I just overall feel off my game.

I am hoping to crank things back up as of today.  Slacking never sits well with me for long.