I started developing an ear infection yesterday, a side effect of the swimming I did on Sunday.  I have always had a tendency to develop them.

I started right away on antibiotic ear drops last night but even doing so my ear hurt like hell for a good portion of the morning.  I was considering skipping the gym entirely as today was supposed to be leg day.

I took some aspirin and eventually the pain got to more tolerable levels so I decided to go to the gym anyway.

I skipped a GUTS session due to feeling low energy overall, presumably due to the infection, and residual soreness from doing the 50 pull up, 100 push up warm up yesterday.  I would have just put in a lousy performance if I tried it.

So instead I just did three sets of light squats (135 pounds) with good ROM along with leg extensions, curls and three sets on the seated calf raise.  That was enough for me, I just had no get up and go.