Sunday I did a large training “brick” with my wife who is training for an upcoming olympic distance triathlon.  We did a 90 minute bike ride followed by a 60 minute run followed by a mile swim (in a lap pool).  I was quite spent by the 3+ hours of cardio activity.

The biking is the most annoying of the three disciplines for me.  Sitting on a road bike for that long is just uncomfortable as hell.

My body weight work hasn’t been as consistent as I would like recently due to several factors. I have been busy with some other projects around the house, felt a little off physically after running the half marathon and also suffering in the midst of a general mental malaise (a regular occurrence) that has cut into my normally high motivation levels.

I have not yet tried a signal mode of this month’s Bar-barian challenge nor have I given the March 20by12 challenge a shot.  With the time change I will have considerably more daylight available after work.  Hopefully that translates into more time on the bars.