I plan to use today’s Leap Day as a tool to get in one more attempt at this month’s 5150 Bar-barian challenge.  I plan to try a slightly different strategy that I have seen several guys use successfully.  It is basically go with a decent number first set and from there on out bounce back and forth between the exercises with mini-sets using next to no rest.  They basically stop repping each exercise at the point where they would have to pause to continue.  Those pauses waste precious time.

I plan to bypass my scheduled GUTS routine at the gym today so I am fresh as possible for the challenge after work.

I bit the bullet and signed up for a half marathon that goes off Sunday.  It is the same half marathon I ran last year in about 2:11.  My goal this year is to run it in less than two hours.  My training this year has not been very good for the race due to some injuries and other time sinks.

I generally don’t look all that forward to doing races.  When I am in a race I see it as a situation where I absolutely need to push myself to the point where there is not an ounce of gas in the tank.  Obviously it is not very comfortable to do so.  I don’t look forward to the discomfort but if I manage to hit my goal it will be a source of pride, especially considering the circumstances.