I did a 5150 (5 minute warm up) practice run at the gym today.  I forgot to bring my watch so I had to try to rely on squinting at a far away clock on the wall of the gym.  As a result I’m not sure how accurate my time keeping was.  Well my numbers were good if the timing was accurate, I think I got 43 pull ups and 85 push ups.

I broke the pull ups into 10-10-10-8-5 and the push ups into 25-20-20-20.  I wish I knew how close I was to the 5 minute time period.  I’ll have to do another run at home soon.

I had ideas about trying Lee’s February 20 by 12 tonight after work but I am stopping to pick up Valentine’s Day pizza for my wife so I don’t think I will have time to do it.  I need to have fresh legs for this one because of the jumping, deep power squats.

Yesterday I was quite excited to see a package that arrived from Newfoundland.  It was a Crossfit Islander t-shirt from my buddy Dawalli (James)

I knew about James a lot sooner than he knew me.  His muscle up tutorial on YouTube was one of the first ones I ever watched.  It remains one of the best examples out there.

James has a very interesting background, having lived in Korea for a number of years before recently returning to his native country of Canada to open up his very own Crossfit Gym.  It’s been very cool to see his dream come to life.

I identify with Dawalli not only because of his similar interests in the bodyweight/bar community, he also is of similar age to me, only a couple years younger.  He can do some amazing things physically and is much more advanced than I am.  Watch his 250 double under jump roping exhibition if you have any doubts.

Aside from his impressive physical accomplishments James seems to be just a good all around guy who oozes support and motivation at every opportunity.

Anyway I immediately put on the t-shirt to do some post work wall HSPU’s. The shirt will immediately go into the elite rotation along with my Crossfit Clitheroe hoodie, and Tough Mudder and Bar-barian shirts.