So I started my Monday work out with a GUTS set.  Once again I had a less than inspiring effort.  I cut the dip and push up sets at the point where I would be doing single reps with extended breaks in between.  I just didn’t feel like stretching it out.  It worked out to 30/20/40 reps, about 15 short of my best.

I have always had a cyclical thing going on with my physical abilities.  When I was real big into bench press I was always frustrated when one week a certain weight went up easily and then the very next week it would feel heavy as hell.

I also have been one of those types of person that has their moods affected by the cycle of the moon, to a pretty dramatic degree at times.  Well I theorize that my strength/endurance level ebbs and flows on a similar monthly cycle.  It feels like I am definitely in an ebb right now although I seem to be able to knock out 20 pull ups come rain or shine.

Neill who runs the Incite Fitness YouTube channel, one of my favorites, did a couple videos outlining using static holds to build killer abs.

Now to many people it seems strange that you can get defined abs by simply holding still but it’s true. Static holds will really help your abs.

For years and years my ab routine was just crunches and work on the various ab machines at the gym.  I never had much ab definition at all.

Well since I started with serious body weight training I really had some big improvements.  The fact that these improvements came about after my 40th birthday is an even stronger endorsement of the technique.

Now of course if you abuse your diet, no amount of ab work is going to help you get a six pack.  I am walking around a full 20-25 pounds lighter than I used to be for most of my 30’s.

Take the time to watch Neill’s videos and try the routine, scaling it to your ability.  I guarantee you will get some impressive results.