I had an abnormally light weekend as far as exercise goes, running 7 miles Saturday morning but nothing else otherwise.  To be fair I was busy almost all day Saturday doing things at the house but my Sunday was pretty damn lazy.

With as active as I normally am, even one day of abnormally low activity, paired with less than healthy eating (Super Bowl),  can send me into a tizzy.  I feel lethargic, grumpy, lazy and just annoyed with the world.

I had some ideas about trying Lee’s February 20 by 12 challenge on Sunday but my knees were a bit sore to tackle 4 sets of jumping deep power squats.  I definitely do want to give it a shot and soon.  I am curious how long it will take me to complete.  I have seen times ranging from 8 minute something to over 20.

I did a GUTS session today. It feels like I am on a plateau, nothing is getting any easier and I am still utilizing a very slow pace at the end of the dip and push up sets.  I don’t know why I bother trying to bench press after doing GUTS.  I have absolutely no pushing power at that point.

My current GUTS numbers stand at 36/20/49.  (dips/pull ups/push ups)

I had my first troll/hater to deal with on the Bar-barian forums.  On this month’s challenge thread this guy unleashes on me, Lou and several of the contestants.  He had several criticisms.

He said that several of the contest participants were using junk form and that Lou and I were not being tough enough as judges.  In reality we disqualified double digit attempts during the month due to form or break timing issues, including two of my own.

The troll went on to question my elevation to forum moderator since I am clearly not an elite bodyweight athlete at this point, evidently he views that as a requirement to run the contests.  He also scoffed at Lou, taking shots at his form as well.

Well I tried to be a professional as I could, asking other forum members to not “feed the troll” (react to the post).  I intended to simply use my power as moderator to delete his posts and move on.  Well it turns out that there were some problems with my moderator rights, I couldn’t moderate.  I contacted Rick about the issue but in the mean time sent a private message to the guy to address his complaints.  Here was my response:

Hey bud I’m not sure who you are or who pissed in your Cheerios. I have been scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what the point of your rant is? Are you an elitist that thinks that only the upper echelon in the body weight community are worthy of posting videos of their efforts?

How does trying to degrade someone on the board accomplish anything positive at all? Do your proclamations make you feel better than others?

I am actually very much a tell it like it is person myself. However when I see a world that is filled with a majority of fat and lazy couch potatoes the last thing I plan to do is discourage someone that actually gets “it” and understands the importance of self improvement and the benefit of challenging yourself physically.

if you had a problem with the way a contest is run you should have contacted me instead of dumping your insults all over the board. I’m a big boy and happy to take it.

I am asking that you discontinue your forum rant.

Do the challenge, do it well and I’ll be happy to give you your props and if you turn out to be an epic poser I’ll be happy to tell you that you suck since that seems to be what you like to hear.

The guy responded mostly positively to my PM however he wasn’t very positive when I finally got my full moderation rights in place and deleted all of his posts and anything related to it. Oh well.  I deleted his complaint about my deletions as well.

For whatever reason my mostly cynical, negative viewpoint of the rest of the world does not seep into my participation on the Bar-barian forums or my dealings with the bodyweight community in general.  I value being involved with a group of like minded individuals that understand the importance of pushing yourself physically, not matter what your current physical limitations may be.

This is a bunch of people that speak via their actions and I respect that more than anything in this world.  There is way too much talking and far too little doing going on elsewhere.  The BBR forums are my little bright light of goodness I keep in my pocket.  I have no intentions of letting anyone take a dump all over it.