I took my first crack at the 5150, 150 reps in 5 minutes challenge last night.  It was tough, maybe even a little tougher than I expected.

I tried this once before, instead seeing how long it would take me to get all 50 pull ups and 100 push ups.  It took almost exactly 7 minutes.  For this challenge once 5 minutes expires you are done, counting whatever reps you did complete.

When I did the 7 minute attempt I broke the reps into 10 sets of 5 pull ups and 10 push ups, thinking keeping the sets small would help me not gas completely too early.  Well the problem was the 20 transitions between exercises just ate up too much time.

This time my plan was to do each exercise to the point where I would normally pause before cranking out a few more to save time and avoid blowing too much energy too early.  My first set of 15 pull ups and 30 push ups went ok but I was already feeling more spent then I would have liked, especially with the pull ups.

For the rest of the attempt I did whatever pull ups I could manage and did sets of 15 push ups.  I wound up with 35 pull ups and 75 push ups, 40 total reps (15 pull ups, 25 push ups) less than I eventually want to achieve.

I heard from Zef that he is hoping to have special shirts made that are exclusive to the forum challenges.  This will a be a very cool addition and will surely drive up participation.  Having prizes for contests also means that more stringent judging and rule enforcement will need to be in place.