Yesterday we received the Breville Juicer we ordered last week.  The purchase came about after my wife and I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a documentary about an Australian guy who was a 300+ pound mess.  He went on a strict 60 day juice fast and had some pretty remarkable results.

Now if you have seen me, you know that I have no need to lose weight, yet I still have interest in doing a 10 day trial fast.  If you are overweight you will definitely lose weight on the plan but even if you aren’t trying to drop a few pounds, eating pure, raw, juiced food has a mountain of health benefits.

My wife who already is a vegetarian, is on board with trying the 10 day juice fast as well.  She is even considering using it as a launching pad to go full vegan which is REALLY restrictive.

It will be interesting to see how our little experiment goes.  The reports I have read from others doing similar short term juice fasts are the first couple days are pretty miserable as you adjust to a non-chewing diet.  However almost universally people report that by the end of the fast they feel fantastic.